Shamont's Paden Blu CD RN NAJ
Ellis, Owned and Trained by Deborah Miller-Gurchak

There comes a day when you need and want to go on vacation or just take a break from life.

Our dogs have always been a concern …especially when a trip comes up and they just can’t come with us. I had been training Shelties for a client and heard her talk about her wonderful pet sitter, I am so pleased to have Kathy Balog of TLC participating in our dogs lives. We aren’t the typical pet owner. Our dogs are all pets but they are performance dogs in conformation, rally, agility and herding. Being a trainer I hear all the awful stories from my clients about boarding their dogs.

We have had wonderful results having TLC take over when we travel or just need a visit. Kathy has given us our freedom from worry while we are enjoying our lives with family, friends and going to competitions. We are so thankful to have met Kathy.

Please feel free to call us or e-mail if you would like a personal reference.

Debbie Miller-Gurchak 724-942-3134

Hollybush Dog Training

Photo credit: Cindy Noland

Shamont’s Paden Blu CD RN NAJ
Ellis, Owned and Trained by Deborah Miller-Gurchak

Ella always looks forward to her walks with Kathy and Chad. They are a fabulous pet sitting service and very dependable!  

Stephen and Stephanie

I am the owner of three wonderful Italian Greyhounds. Kathy was referred to me almost 9 years ago, when I was having “potty training” issues with my first Italian Greyhound, Andre Agassi. A year later Sammy Sosa joined Andre. 1 1/2 years after that, Joe (Joey) Montana made it a trio. Kathy has become their second Mom. I am so comforted in knowing that when I am at work or away on vacation, my boys are treated royally. I know that she absolutely loves and adores them.

The boys almost do hand stands when Kathy and Chad enter my house, as I have witnessed this when they just came a few times for a non-working visit!  If one of the boys was sick, Kathy always called the next day to see how he was feeling. Or, she would call me to tell me a cute story about something that Andre did, as Andre is the leader/ humorist of the pack.

Another important note is that Kathy and/or Chad NEVER MISSED one day of work. I highly recommend their services,

After reading the above, you can see that Kathy and Chad are dependable, caring and all-around great people.

Mary Jo Gaitens

We have been fortunate to have Kathy and Chad help us with our pets for many years. They supported and helped us through the aging of Homer and Blitz. Homer affectionately called Homee was a Newfoundland mix. A big lovable guy. In his later years his hips were not able to move him. Kathy and Chad helped him through those difficult times. They were patient with his incontinence and falling. We all still miss Homee.

Blitz a 16 year old sturdy Springer loved the treats Kathy and Chad would bring. She passed after Homer from a seizure. We added Mia to our family last October. Mia was 7 months when we adopted her from a rescue. She is a beautiful spirited shepherd mix. They called her a shy dog at the rescue.

She is fearful of most people. There are four people Mia welcomes into our home….me, my daughter and Kathy and Chad. I knew Kathy and Chad would not have a problem bonding with Mia. Our 12 year old Chihuahua, Princess Amber comes to greet Kathy and Chad upon their arrival. She is usually very standoffish.

Kathy and Chad are a part of our family.

Mary and Liz Brilmyer

We have used T.L.C. Pet Sitting as our dog walkers since spring of 2006. They have been 100% reliable and always accommodate any schedule changes.

But most important of all, they are kind and caring to our dog Seabiscuit. We couldn’t be happier with them, and highly recommend their service.

George and Jenifer Tarasi

We have two large dogs that need lots of exercise and attention. Kathy and Chad at T.L.C. Pet Sitting provide outstanding pet care. Their excellent knowledge and flexible schedules make them a great choice for our dogs’ needs.

I highly recommend T.L.C. to anyone requiring assistance in caring for their pets.

Sharon and Bob Vincent

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